Sell it with color: French Bull, Starbucks and Whole Foods

by angeladenby on September 10, 2013

I’ve been stumbling across more and more head-turning designs in foods and consumer products lately.  They may have been there all along, but the resurgence of the color blocking trend has been getting my attention as well as my iPhone camera.  Kudos to the following product developers for stopping me in my tracks in the sea of color and crazy that comes with running errands in Philadelphia on a Sunday.

French Bull Crockpot


This display caught my eye at Target.  At just under $35 for the crockpot or toaster, one of these pieces may create a nice pop of color for the kitchen.  French Bull by Jackie Shapiro – I love these designer lines!  I checked out the French Bull website for the first time – it’s a mecca of colorful products from wallpaper to dishes and even patterned knives. Gift idea… check!


Whole Foods must have color blocking in their mission statement.  I saw a display of heirloom tomatoes when I was there the other day, and even they were sorted based on color.  However, the photo opp came with these amazing gift cards that have clever captions to go along with their natural food color palette: hugs and quiches, dough, muchas wheatgracias, happy birthday tofu and my favorite… just for the halibut.

whole foods gift cards

Last but not least, I want to give a shout to to Starbucks on their new packaging for the Anniversary Blend. The all-brown package used to blend into the shelves. For many of us, hitting Starbucks is a regular routine, and for these types of businesses… it’s not always easy to get the regulars to notice the products.  In a sense, they become part of the wallpaper as we rush in to grab our coffee and rush back out to make it to our next destination.  This new aqua bag is a big win in my opinion. It practically jumped right off the shelves.  Then again, maybe I just love the color.  Maybe I’ll get some comments to back this up either way.

Starbucks Anniversary Blend Whole Bean


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